Since starting out in the field of CMOS sensor design, we have developed a large number of innovative sensors for very varied applications. This page gives an outline specification of a small selection of our designs. If you would like further information on any of the sensors detailed on this page, or would like to discuss the production of your own custom-built sensor, please get in touch with us.

The PimMS Sensor


  • Event based time-stamping pixel sensor
  • 5 kilopixel spatial resolution (100 kilopixel version in design)
  • 50 ns timing resolution
  • 12 bit time-stamp storage
  • 4 registers per pixel for multiple event detection
  • Programmable threshold and per-pixel trim
  • Analogue readout for focusing and event size measurement
The I-IMas Sensor


  • 1.5 D sensor
  • Designed for X-ray Medical Adaptive Imaging
  • 32 µm pixel pitch
  • 512 x 32 active pixels in focal plane
  • Internal Programmable Gain Amplifier
  • On-chip Successive Approximation ADCs
  • 14-bit digital readout
  • 72 dB dynamic range
  • 20 Mpixel/sec clock rate
The PEAPS Sensor


  • Flexible Region-of-Interest readout sensor
  • Designed for an optical tweezer application
  • 25 µm pixel pitch
  • 520 x 520 pixels
  • On-chip Successive Approximation ADCs
  • 12-bit digital readout
  • 150 frames per second at full frame
  • Any shape or size of regions can be programmed
The LAS Sensor


  • 2 Megapixels, large area sensor
  • Designed for high-dynamic range X-ray imaging
  • 40 µm pixel pitch
  • 1350 x 1350 active pixels in focal plane
  • Analogue readout
  • Region-of-Reset setting
  • 140 dB dynamic range
  • 20 frames per second



  • 16 Megapixel, large area sensor
  • Designed for direct detection of electrons in a Transmission Electron Microscope
  • 14 µm pixel pitch
  • 4096 x 4096 pixels in focal plane, all active
  • Sensor Size: 61mm x 63mm
  • Analogue readout
  • Radiation hard
  • Region-of-Interest readout
  • Pixel binning: x2 and x4 in both directions
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