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The Microelectronics Support Centre (MSC) offers design guidance and assistance in the use of industry-standard Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and routes to implementation. The overall aim is to stimulate the use of modern electronic systems design techniques and tools, primarily in the academic sector.

The complexity and rapidly changing nature of modern microelectronics systems and MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) makes it technically difficult and prohibitively expensive for individual universities to maintain dedicated support capabilities in these areas.

The Microelectronics Support Centre consists of a group of experienced microelectronics specialists who form an integral component of the microelectronics design capability of STFC Technology. We specialise in a wide-range of design-styles, applications and implementation technologies, including:

  • Digital, analogue and mixed-signal system design
  • High-level design and system-on-a-chip (SoC & SoPC)
  • Embedded systems (hardware/software co-design)
  • ESL tools, methodologies and access to IP blocks
  • System design, for implementation in:
    • ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and FPGA
    • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
    • System-in-Package (SiP)
  • Microsystems, MEMS and Microfluidics
  • Technology CAD (TCAD)
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous design methodologies

The Microelectronics Support Centre has a range of career opportunities for engineers. Please visit Microelectronics and Electronics Career Opportunities (link opens in a new window)

For further details please visit the Microelectronics Centre website (link opens in a new window).

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