Astronomy Technology Capability

The UKATC Crawford Building

The UK Astronomy Technology Centre (link opens in a new window) (UK ATC) has a world-leading track record in the delivery of facility class instrumentation systems. Advances in observational astronomy are very demanding and any proposed new facility is almost certainly a one-off project which must be hundreds, if not thousands, of times better than any predecessor if it is to be funded. Having innovative, creative staff who are up to date on developments in their field is therefore essential. Equally, experience is necessary to turn new ideas into reliable, cost effective solutions.

Solving design challenges

Inspired by the scientific need to detect fainter and more distant sources, and to improve our understanding of brighter sources through imaging, spectroscopy and polarimetry our staff skills and design expertise have to cover key aspects of some of the most important topics in the field: optics and optical design, mechanical design and machining, electronics design and fabrication, real-time computer control and data capture and analysis.

Our engineering groups are responsible for these areas of expertise and design excellence. The engineering groups consist of the following design disciplines:

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