Composite Materials
28 Feb 2018




We have particular expertise in devising and using composite materials at cryogenic temperatures



Magnet coil consisting of a central long-oval-shaped metal core with round holes in for mounting in place, and two layers of superconducting metal tape wound round it many times; the whole soaked in epoxy resin and cured to make a single, stable unit for handling.

Short Model Coil - a superconducting dipole test magnet built in collaboration with CERN, used to qualify new magnet wire materials and investigate the effect of stress on the magnet wire​​


We have materials knowledge of a variety of engineering materials used in the widest range of environments, from space applications to MRI scan​ner​s used in hospitals.

We have particular expertise in using composite materials at cryogenic temperatures, for example in superconducting magnet applications in physics and medicine. This extends to the development of a number of  novel in-house low viscosity epoxy formulations aimed at vacuum impregnation processing. This method is well suited to one-offs and short production runs for any application​. We have applied this technique to very small coils for cryo-coolers, up to the largest superconducting coils.

We have prototype and small batch scale manufacturing capabilities, for example for coil manufacture, electrical potting and high integrity helium insulation breaks.

Contact: Composites and Materials Testing Group
Simon C​anfer
Tel: 01235 445370​​​​​