Dimensional Metrology
05 Apr 2018




The Technology Dimensional Metrology Facility provides a comprehensive inspection and dimensional metrology for STFC facilities, programmes and external communities.



In a laboratory, a large, complex assembly being measured: overhead arm holds a long ruby-tipped probe which is being run over the surface, controlled remotely by the engineer; screen in the background shows the contours being recorded.

Coordinate measuring machine on next generation accelerator cavity for FETS

We employ the most advanced equipment to support the ever-increasing demand for high dimensional accuracy required by scientific and engineering projects. 

Utilising 3D CAD models wherever possible, the measured parts are directly compared to the design specifications. Our vast experience and extensive range of state-of-the-art metrology solutions allow us to measure novel and complex items, however large or small, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and perform​ance are achieved.

We offer the following range of services:

Technician in a laboratory using joysticks to guide a measuring instrument around one of a number of holes machined in a metal disk mounted on a stand for the purpose.

Measuring an ALMA cryostat component


  • ​​High accuracy camera and probe measurement using Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM's) housed in a temperature/humidity controlled environment
  • ​Surface texture and contour analysis
  • Determination of straightness and roundness
  • Hardness evaluation
  • Laser alignment​
  • Instrument calibration which is certified and traceable to national standards
  • Technical support and training

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