04 Jul 2017


About STFC Technology



STFC Technology provides advanced technology and engineering in support of both STFC funded activities and other high profile international projects.

Our technologies and competencies are world class, and our expertise encompasses micro-nano engineering, through microelectronics, to major engineering structures. The calibre and expertise of our staff, and our project and quality management expertise, enables us to deliver unique and advanced high performance engineering projects.

Technology has a presence at each of STFC's national laboratories.

The UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh focuses​​ on work in support of the astronomy programme. ​At Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Daresbury Laboratory, we support the particle physics and space programmes, accelerator development, and STFC's major facilities:

•Central Laser Facility

We complement our STFC funding with external work for other Research Councils, government programmes, the EU, the private sector, and other research institutes, universities and facilities across the world.

For further details, visit​​ the STFC website​.​​