Applied Science
20 Feb 2018

The Applied Science Division (ASD) at RAL undertakes a wide range of projects; providing engineering and technology for particle physics, astronomy projects, and for  STFC and other UK and international science facilities.




These are often collaborations with universities and science funding agencies, both within the UK and overseas. In addition, we work directly with industry in consultative and collaborative roles.

The Division offers a range of key skills and technologies of long term value to STFC and its communities. These include the design and manufacture of both superconducting and normal conducting  magnets,  composites technology, materials testing,  cryocoolers for space and ground based applications, cryogenics,  energy technologies, high power target engineering, advanced engineering design and analysis and project engineering and management of large scale complex experiment installations. ASD also runs the central Manufacturing Facility at RAL, with conventional and additive manufacture capability, and a comprehensive suite of metrology services.


Applied Science Division
Jim Halliday​
Tel: 01235 445559