Board Level Systems Design
17 Jan 2014




Board Level Systems Design


State of the art sensors running at high resolution for today's Science applications are creating significant data rate challenges for data acquisition (DAQ) and the associated data processing systems.

  • Systems design and optimisation
  • Signal Processing Technology;
  • Analogue pulse processing
  • Image processing
  • data capture and analysis
  • Software development
  • Instrumentation systems project management

Individual sensor ASICs can easily produce multi-Giga Byte per second data streams and tiled sensors producing 10GByte/s per megapixel, scalable to 10 or more megapixels, are currently under development.

In the near future requirements for Detector Systems with 100 KHz frame rate could see raw data rates rise to 200Gbyte/s per Megapixel.

We have extensive experience in implementing very high throughput DAQ and processing systems across a wide range of Science Areas.

We specialise in embedded detector readout modules as well as off detector trigger processor and PC farm driver modules required for handling the data in very high throughput Detector Systems.

Implemented using the latest Field Programmable Gate Array Technology, and supporting components our board level designs enable the processing and transfer of data at these extreme rates.