DSG Capabilities
23 Jan 2013




DSG Capabilities

The Detector Systems Group based at Daresbury Laboratory has expertise, capabilities and facilities in:

Detector System Design:

  • Detector/Sensor Technologies (Solid state/Gas based/CMOS)
  • System Level Design and Test(Detector, Analogue, Conversion, digital electronics, embedded software, correction/calibration software, display software)
  • Digital/Embedded system design (Xilinx & Altera FPGA, board level, memory interfaces, signal integrity)
  • Bus & Communication Protocols (CAMAC, VME, VME64, PCI, PMC, cPCI, PXI, PCI-X, PCIe, XMC, USB, SPI, I2C, RS232, RS485,..)
  • Software Design/Programming (C, C++ in soft- and hard-core microcontrollers (Altera NIOS/NIOS-II, Xilinx MicroBlaze) and COTS computers (Motorola, Intel,..)
  • User interfaces under Windows and Linux, using C, C++ and Java 
  • Schematic Capture/Layout (Mentor Design Capture, Dxdesigner / Viewdraw, Expedition and Cadence tools)

Advanced Manufacturing:

  • European Space Agency (ESA) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) certified staff
  • CAD Capabilities – Multilayer PCB design, layout, and CNC routing
  • Assembly – Surface mount, conventional and mixed technologies; fine pitch placement of Surface Mount, Ball Grid Array (BGA) and micro BGA
  • Mechanical chassis & casework fabrication
  • Rework and Modifications – conventional, Surface mount and mixed technologies, Ball Grid Array rework; access to X-ray Inspection
  • Cable assemblies small to large complex looms
  • Rapid prototyping