Design Methodology
10 Jul 2017



The EUROPRACTICE design tool portfolio offers best-in-class design tools from the world’s leading EDA vendors to universities and qualifying research laboratories for their student education and non-commercial research.

Microelectronics design at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory



​The EUROPRACTICE portfolio features many of the same design tools that are in daily use in industry.  This common platform ensures that European university graduates are highly skilled, useful to industry quickly and that collaborative projects between universities and industry have a common basis on which to work. The portfolio not only features tools covering analogue, digital, RF and mixed signal IC design but also in the related areas such as photonics, semiconductor device modelling, MEMS, embedded software design, printed circuit boards and systems.

​Through the access to the most advanced design tools and technologies, the European academic sector has affordable one-stop access to the design flows and IC processes normally only available to the largest multi-national corporations.  Graduates entering industry from European Universities are more appropriately trained and are more able to meet the future challenges of industry.  EUROPRACTICE supplied design tools can be used by universities in their student education and non-commercial research programmes, taking design far beyond a simple paper exercise to a fully tested and working prototype.

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