Electron beam gun
07 Jun 2011



Target Manufacture - Electron Beam Gun


In its simplest form, an electron beam gun consists of a source of electrons (a hot filament) that are accelerated using a high voltage power supply.

The accelerated electrons are then focussed using electro magnetic force and diverted through an angle of 270° using a permanent magnet into a crucible where the isotopic material is ready for evaporation.

The electron beam gun in the laboratory is built up of the following components

  • EV 1-8 single hearth, volume 8cc and maximum power 5kW
  • Carrera 3kW power supply
  • Genius evaporation controller

This has been built into an Edwards 306 coating rig along with a Maxtec ASF 140 oscillating quartz sensor head to monitor the deposition rate and thickness. It is connected to a Maxtec MDC 360 deposition controller.