07 Jun 2011



The GREAT Spectrometer




A highly efficient multidetector spectrometer

GREAT (Gamma-rays, Recoils, Electrons, Alphas Tagging) is designed to be positioned at the focal plane of recoil separators. It detects the radioactive decay (by beta, alpha, proton or gamma-ray decay) of the implanted recoils from the associated recoil separator.

The GREAT spectrometer consists of the following types of detector:

  • A Double sided Silicon Strip detector, with 60 x 40 strips
  • 28 Silicon PIN diodes
  • A double sided planar Ge detector
  • A high efficiency segmented clover Ge detector
  • A Multi-wire proportional counter

The project utilises the triggerless Total Data Readout (link opens in a new window) data acquisition system. GREAT is currently associated with Jurogam (link opens in a new window) & RITU (link opens in a new window) located at the Department of Physics (link opens in a new window) of the University of Jyväskylä (link opens in a new window), Finland.

More information on GREAT (link opens in a new window) and some related publications (link opens in a new window) can be found at the project web pages.

Within the United Kingdom the GREAT project is a collaboration between the Nuclear Physics Group and the nuclear physics groups at the universities of Liverpool (link opens in a new window), Manchester (link opens in a new window), Surrey (link opens in a new window) & York (link opens in a new window).