UK ATC Groups
03 May 2011







Staff groupings at the UK ATC

The core business for the UK ATC is the delivery of world leading facility class telescope and instrumentation systems for astronomy. Achieving that requires excellence from not only our Engineers but also the Management and Support staff. We operate a matrix structure with the Engineers divided along discipline lines but allocated in multi-disciplinary teams to projects run by the Project Managers.

The Engineering Group Heads ensure the quality of our end products by:

  • the application of best practice through appropriate procedures, processes and standards
  • planned skills training to enhance group skills, capabilities
  • communication within the group of experience and innovative ideas

The Project Management and Systems Engineering Groups apply the wrap-around rigour to the engineering activity to ensure the projects are delivered to time, cost and specification. This rigour is particularly important when, as is becoming common, the project requires collaboration with other UK and International institutes. Another key group are the Project Scientists who help ensure the product meets the scientific needs of the customer / community.

The UK ATC Engineering Groups are listed below along with the relevant Head of Group. These all report to the Head of Programme Delivery and Engineering, Gary Rae.

Long Term Resource and Business Planning is managed by the Head of Strategic Development, Ian Bryson.

The engineering activities are complemented by the following Group:

We also have a remit of communicating science to the public, a function which is handled by the Visitor Centre (link opens in a new window) staff, led by Dan Hillier.

The UK ATC also relies on Administrative Support Groups (link opens in a new window) as follows: