Interconnect Technology
20 Jan 2014








We provide assembly and packaging services to a range of projects and clients. Work is conducted in an ISO7 cleanroom, with selected tasks in ISO5 zones.

We operate die attach and wire-bonding processes appropriate for chip-to-chip, chip-to-board and chip-to-package assemblies.

We also offer flip-chip bonding processes for area array interconnections of chip-to-chip and chip-to-board assemblies. Typical module builds will often combine some of these techniques.​

Our processes include:

  • Al-wedge wirebonding
  • Au-ball bumping
  • Ag-epoxy stencil printing
  • In bumping
  • Flip chip bonding
  • Epoxy die attach


We also conduct inspection and testing in support of our processes:

  • Die shear
  • Ball shear
  • Wire pull
  • Optical inspection/metrology
  • SEM/EDX inspection
  • Full readout testing​