LISA highlight
29 May 2018



​UKSA has approved funding for LISA work by UK ATC and University of Glasgow for the next 2 years. ​


LISA is one of the next flagship missions of the European Space Agency. When it launches in the early 2030's, LISA will be the world's first ever space-based gravitational wave observatory.

​​​​​​​​LISA will measure passing gravitational waves by measuring the disturbance they cause in space-time using laser interferometry, measuring the displacement change between spacecraft separated by millions of km using laser interferometry. Image Credit: AEI/MM/exozet.​

Observing the universe with gravitational waves is a brand new field in Astronomy, with the first-ever direct observation occurring in 2015 by the ground-based LIGO observatory – a feat that won the founders of LIGO the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics. LISA will observe gravitational waves in the low-frequency part of the gravitational wave spectrum, which is not accessible from the ground. 

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