UK ATC Science
03 May 2011





​​​​​​A collage of images, highlighting the wide range of astronomical themes studied by members of the UK ATC Science Group overlaid on an image of the Milky Way.


The UK ATC science group carries out research on a broad array of topics in support of our instrumentation programme. These range from studying vast discs of gas and dust forming protostars and possible planetary systems, through the evolution cycle of massive stars and clusters in the Milky Way, to spectroscopy of some of the highest redshift galaxies in the early Universe. 

Members of the UK ATC Science Group:

  • ​Dr John Davies (Comets, asteroids, Solar System objects)
  • Prof Chris Evans – Head of Group (Massive stars)
  • Dr Alistair Glasse (Exoplanets)
  • Dr Oscar Gonzalez (The Milky Way, Galactic surveys)
  • Prof Wayne Holland (Debris discs, evolved stars)
  • Dr Pamela Klaassen (Massive stars, protostars/PDRs)
  • Dr Rubén Sánchez-Janssen (Massive star clusters)
  • Dr William Taylor (Massive stars)
  • Prof Gillian Wright – UK ATC Director (Galaxy evolution)

For more information on these research themes, please use the sidebar to the right.

In addition, we currently have three Rutherford International Fellows working within the group:

  • Dr Carolyn Atkins (Mirror fabrication, X-ray telescopes)
  • Dr Olivia Jones (Origins of dust, evolved stars, supernovae)
  • Dr Oscar Ramirez (Formation and evolution of massive stars)

 If you would like to know more, click here for a description of their research.