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Since starting out in the field of CMOS sensor design, we have developed a large number of innovative sensors for very varied applications. This page gives an outline specification of a small selection of our designs. If you would like further information on any of the sensors detailed on this page, or would like to discuss the production of your own custom-built sensor, please get in touch with us. Further technical details can also be found in the "Publications" section.


​Building on our experience in designing timing detectors for particle physics applications, the PImMS family was designed to meet the needs of Time of Flight (ToF) Imaging Mass Spectrometry applications. In traditional ToF-MS applications, ions from a sample are accelerated towards a detector, their flight time giving their mass. PImMS provides this funtionality, but also provides X-Y spatial resolution for the arrival location of the ion. This allows scientists to determine the original structure of the molecule under investigation.

PImMS has also been developed for use as a neutron detector by the ISIS Neutron Detector Group. More details on this can be found here​.

The PImMS sensor was designed at STFC, and is operated by the PImMS consortium. More details can be found at their website.


PImMS sensor details:

  • Event based time-stamping pixel sensor
  • 25 and 12.5ns timing resolution
  • 324 x 324 (PImMS 2) or 72 x 72 (PImMS 1) spatial resolution
  • 12 bit time-stamp storage
  • 4 registers per pixel for multiple event detection
  • Programmable threshold and per-pixel trim
  • Analogue readout for focusing and event size measurement


​At STFC, we have significant experience in the design of sensors for radiation hardened applications, and ACHILLES is one of the results of this effort. Originally designed for direct eletron detection in Transmission Electron Microscopy, it has also been used in a number of other applications (such as medical X-ray) where its large area and radiation resistance are a significant advantage.


ACHILLES sensor detailsThe ACHILLES Sensor

  • 16 Megapixel resolution (4096 x 4096)
  • 14 µm pixel pitch
  • Size: 61mm x 63mm
  • Analogue readout
  • Radiation hard
  • Region-of-Interest readout
  • Pixel binning: x2 and x4 in both direction

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