Recent Highlights
29 May 2018



Including news on the SKA Telescope Manager, GHOST and the Small Scale Cooler.

Small Scale Cooler



​SSC, a project with UKSA to raise the TRL of the Small Scale Cooler to level 6 has been successfully completed.  A 20% improvement in performance has been realised by the use of Aluminium instead of Titanium, which required a challenging weld development program, and the new cooler has passed mechanical environment (launch simulation) tests.​

In other recent news from the Technologuy Division:

  • ​The SKA Telescope Manager (TW) passed the initial phase of the Conceptual Design Review in April.  TM includes significant contributions from UKATC (specifically the observation management interfaces to users) and is the first SKA system to pass CDR.

  • UKSA has approved funding for LISA work by UK ATC and University of Glasgow for the next 2 years.

  • GHOST Flights: Final testing of this mode was carried out with success and GHOST has been packed and shipped to Leicester. Test flights will take place in the next few months.​

  • A 6 page article on the LHC Hi-Lumi crab cavities is included in the May CERN Courier (