07 Jun 2011





We have two argon sputtering systems, an Ultra Fine Grain Coater and the 800 Series Etching System.

Ultra-fine grain coater

The Ultra Fine Grain Coater has the option of one or two ion sources and the capability to rotate up to six different target materials into the beam line.

With its planetary motion it can accommodate up to three stubs holding half a standard glass slide.

Clean environment

Deposition occurs in a vacuum system with a base pressure below 10-5 mbar and back filled with high purity argon (99.999%) to about 10-4 mbar, thus reducing the chance of contamination.

Precision coating of irregular surfaces

The sputter deposition rate is accurately controllable. Film thickness can be repeated or accurately adjusted from one deposition cycle to another. No film thickness monitor is needed since film thickness is controlled solely by time of deposition for any set ion source operating parameters. Planetary motion ensures uniform coverage.

Ultra Fine Grain Coater (2)
Ultra Fine Grain Coater (3)

The specimen stage is driven by an electric motor contained within the housing external to the chamber. Variable speed control allows control of the speed of rotation down to a static position.

The 800 Series Etching System

In addition to thinning, very low angle polishing of hard and heat sensitive samples. It is also able to sputter using positive ion or neutral atom beams

Variable power from 7 to 50 watts, giving beam current densities of 1200 microamps/cm2/source in ion beam mode. The system has carbon cathodes for long life and easy cleaning.

The substrate holder has a rotational motor drive, which produces a uniform coating of the substrate.


800 Series Etching System (2)