Training the trainers
10 Jul 2017



By training the trainers, we achieve maximum impact, supporting universities in the use of state-of-the-art industry relevant design methods, tools and implementation flows for their ASIC, FPGA and Systems projects.

Microelectronics Training Course at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory



​Universities have an essential role in conducting relevant research and providing the next generation of highly skilled engineers for industry.  We assist universities in this essential endeavour by ensuring that university lectures and PhD students have access to microelectronics design tool and methodology training they require to succeed in this role.

Our training courses use a combination of lectures and practical sessions to explain specific design flows. The courses are developed so as to enable delegates to better understand the challenges of successful and efficient design by appropriate use of design tools and design methodologies.

We provide advanced training in a wide range of microelectronics design including: analogue, mixed-signal and digital IC design; advanced verification; design for low power; specialised design languages; programmable devices, embedded processors and semiconductor device modelling.

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