UIST Project
03 May 2011



UIST Project


The UKIRT Image Spectrometer

UIST is a near infrared imaging-spectrometer for astronomy, developed and built at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh.

The instrument will use the latest 'ALADDIN' detector array, sensitive to the 1-5mm region of the spectrum. It is designed to have high angular resolution capabilites for both imaging and spectroscopy. In addition, it will included a cryogenic integral field unit, giving 3-D spectroscopic capabilities at maximum sensitivity.

Please browse these pages to learn more about the scientific specification and the design of the instrument.

UIST was delivered to UKIRT in August 2002, with "shared-risks" observations possible. Please refer to the UIST web pages at the Joint Astronomy Centre or contact Suzanne Ramsay Howat for up-to-date information.