UK ATC Projects
03 May 2017



UK ATC Projects




At any one time the UK ATC aims to have a variety of projects underway. In order to balance the workload whilst making efficient use of available resources, these projects are of different sizes and at any given time will be at different stages in their development.

The size and complexity of astronomical instrumentation continues to increase as astronomers progress further into the era of Very Large and Extremely Large Telescopes. As a result a large majority of the projects are done in collaboration with UK universities, international agencies and institutions and/or with industry.

Project not here?

If you do not see an entry for the project you are looking for we may have completed the project. Information about completed projects can be found by following the link below:

The following projects are in progress:

ALMA: Developing software for the international Atacama Large Millimetre Array

ELT (link opens in a new window): Planning and design work for future Extremely Large Telescopes and their instrumentation.
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Goniometer: A vacuum operating six axis goniometer with sample cooling for Diamond Light Source (link opens in a new window)
KMOS: A design study for the K-band Multi Object Spectrometer for VLT (link opens in a new window)
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MIRI: A mid infrared instrument for the NASA/ESA James Webb Space Telescope (link opens in a new window)
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OPTICON (link opens in a new window): The Europe wide Optical-infrared Co-ordination Network
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SCUBA 2 (link opens in a new window): A new generation wide-field submillimetre camera for the JCMT (link opens in a new window)
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VISTA: Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy and its Infrared Camera VIRCAM