World's first green energy storage demonstrator
18 Jul 2018



The world’s first green energy storage demonstrator is now live in the UK and has brought carbon-free fuel, that can be stored or transported for later use, a step closer.

The test site at RAL for the Green Energy Storage Demonstrator.  (Credit: STFC)

​The test site at RAL for the Green Energy Storage Demonstrator.

(Credit: STFC)​

​The demonstrator project offers a way to decouple the supply of electricity (governed by fluctuating renewables) from the demand (driven by consumer dynamics) and is using renewable electricity to obtain hydrogen from water via electrolysis, nitrogen via air separation, and to power the Haber-Bosch process to make ammonia. Ammonia produced in this way can be a completely carbon-free and practical bulk energy source.​

On-site energy storage is becoming increasingly attractive to organisations, as there are times when the UK electricity grid is unable to accept all the wind power being generated across the nation which means either the wind turbines are turned off or the electricity is used on site or is stored.

The project is a collaborative effort between Siemens, STFC, Oxford University and the University of Cardiff. STFC is hosting the demonstration project on their Energy Research Unit’s Test Site at RAL in Oxfordshire.​

For more information on the green energy storage demonstrator, please click here.​

Contact: Halliday, Jim (STFC,RAL,TECH)