The breadth of technology that we support is enormous, ranging from the very small to the very large, from low energies to high energies, from photon capture to accelerator development

  • ​​The experiments on the Large Hadron Collider depend on key components delivered by Technology Department: detectors, microelectronics, electronics readout systems, mechanical structures and superconducting magnets. 
  • Our specialised cooling systems are flying on the Planck spacecraft and on the James Webb Space Telescope, and our imaging systems are used on both space and earth observation satellites. We led the project to deliver the Vista telescope to ESO, we built the SCUBA -2 instrument, operating at 0.1 deg above absolute zero, and the cryostats for the Alma radio telescope array. 
  • We support STFC’s accelerator programme through our mechanical and electrical engineering in the Engineering Technology Centre and our specialist expertise in high power targets. 
  • We support STFC’s facilities with instrumentation systems, beamline systems and micro-nano engineering. 
  • The Microelectronics Support Centre enables microelectronics training for student engineers in over 600 universities and institutes throughout Europe, the engineers who underpin the European electronics industry. 
  • In other externally funded programmes we deliver projects as diverse as energy research databases and imaging sensors for medical applications.

Supporting our broad range of specialised technical capability is expertise in project and programme management that enables us to deliver major projects to time, specification and budget. The majority of our activities are covered by certificated ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, providing assurance that our processes and procedures meet international standards.

For further information, explore this website or contact us.​